We look after you, your belongings, and your environment
We look after you, your belongings, and your environment
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Efficiency is our maxim
Over 30 years' experience
Over 30 years' experience
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ISO-9001 ISO-14001 OHSAS-18001
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Parking permits

When making a move it is important to find a location near the main door where the truck or trucks and eventually the lift platform can park. For this, in most cases we will occupy the public road, either in delimited parking areas or other spaces. In other cases, the vehicle can be parked in a privately owned enclosure, in which case it is enough to have express authorization from the owner (usually the client).

For the most common cases in which we will need to occupy the public road, it will be mandatory to notify the City Council of the municipality through a request for a parking permit for removals.

Parking permits for removals in Barcelona

Parking permits in Barcelona

The permit for removals in Barcelona must be requested at least 3 to 7 days in advance, depending on the regulations of each town. We can usually request it online via internet, but there are still many towns in the province of Barcelona that require the process to be in person. At Mudanzas Control we carry out the telematic procedures without added cost for our service.

Barcelona city

Currently, to apply for the parking permit in Barcelona city, it is necessary to pay a fee of 38.36 euros for municipal processing and a second variable rate for the occupation of public roads

The first fee must be paid in advance in order to apply for the occupation permit of the Public Way, since if the payment voucher is not attached, the permit is automatically denied.

In the case of the second rate it is important to know that the exact amount can not be determined until we receive authorization from the municipality. Its cost is calculated according to the type of street, occupation surface, the hours required and a municipal correction factor. Control Removals advisors will offer you an approximate calculation prior to the move and once we have received the permit indicating this amount, we will send you a copy. Our management will always be free, but the fees must be paid by the client.

The permit application process requires, in addition to proof of payment of the fee, the complete documentation of the vehicles with which the service will be performed and the receipt of payment corresponding to the civil liability insurance of the removal company. Once the procedure is presented, the technical service of the district will study its viability and will answer affirmatively or negatively.

Permission canceled or denied

In case of cancellation or denial of the request, the amount of the self-payment paid (€ 38.36) will not be returned, on the understanding that this cost must cover the work done by the municipal technician to meet the request.

Moving Day

During the development of the work the removal company must take care of the correct signaling of the work area to avoid damage to passers-by. This includes both the signaling of the vehicle and the passage areas.

Truck parked in Barcelona

Other regular questions

Very usual queries made by our customers refer to parking in the loading and unloading areas, on the bike lanes or on the sidewalk.

In the loading and unloading areas, parking is allowed free of charge for a maximum of thirty minutes. As a moving service usually requires more time, it will be necessary to request the removal permit.

It is strictly forbidden to park on bike lanes or on the sidewalk, this regulation applies to any motor vehicle. In the case of sidewalks, permission can be requested for the placement of light lifting machines that are not mounted on a vehicle.

For more information you can visit the following link on the Barcelona City Council website:

Permit to occupy public space for scaffolding, cranes or removals