Moving tips avoiding the 7 most common mistakes.

Cuando llega el momento de cambiar de casa, piso, chalet o apartamento, es normal que nos invada una sensación de pánico, debido a la mala fama que tienen las mudanzas por el estrés que nos pueden crear. Para sobrevivir a su traslado y hacer una mudanza bien organizada, le contamos los 7 errores más comunes que debemos evitar y nuestros consejos de mudanza.

1. Ask your acquaintances to help you with the move on short notice

As soon as we are clear that we are going to move, the most common thing is to seek the help of family and friends with the tasks that lie ahead. Usually we always get more people than expected, but many times we don’t specify what day we will need your help. This is the big mistake that is usually made and is that if we do not notify with enough time of the date that we will need your help, they will probably make other plans and we will be alone before all the work.

In this first point of our moving advice we want to remember that the help of friends and family should not cost them. Therefore, if they give us a hand, it never hurts to cover any expenses they may have. In addition, it never hurts to organize a welcome dinner in our new home, with which to take advantage and thank the help provided.

2. Overload card-boxes

Cardboard boxes are used for various uses, and we must take this aspect into account. In general, large boxes are used for light objects and small boxes for anything that can have a considerable weight. This is obvious, but in practice it is very common to find boxes that weigh 30 or 40 kg. The maximum recommended weight for a box is about 20 kilos, since although we will be able to move heavier boxes, after moving a few we will begin to notice pain in the back and we can even get seriously injured.

The biggest enemy for the people who make a move are the boxes full of books, since the paper although it may not look like it is very heavy, and also because of the squared shapes it allows us to hurry up to the last hole. The advice in this regard is that when we carry half a full box we try to lift it to see if we are packing a lump too heavy and take into account beforehand that the books weigh, and much!

3. Wrong choice in selecting the professionals who will help you in the process

If we decide to hire professionals to help us with our move or even if we hire them to carry out all the tasks, we must conduct a small investigation of the selected candidates. It is advisable to seek opinions from other clients and it is also important to know how to discard those opinions that deserve little credibility or that seem written by the professionals themselves.

If someone recommends a company with which you had a positive experience, keep that in mind, sometimes we look only at the price and forget that the people we are going to hire will be responsible for transporting all the valuable goods in our home. Above all, run away from professionals who advertise themselves by offering too many services with no apparent relationship, such as if they advertise themselves as painters, moving companies and renovations. These kind of professionals do not represent a real guarantee and usually disappear when you try to claim any damage to the service.

Although it may seem obvious, we had to include it in our list of moving tips, since it never hurts to put the information in the client’s hands.

4. Do not register supplies in the new home

This point is very important, since it is probably the most common mistake of all. We tend to focus so much on how we will make the move that we forget that we have to transfer all supplies. In particular, many people usually arrive at their new home without telephone or internet, which is a great inconvenience on a day to day basis, although worse would be to find ourselves without water, electricity or gas.

Keep in mind that the supply providers are usually quite slow in these aspects and usually require some procedures that we must carry out weeks before we arrive at the new home.

5. Underestimate the amount of things we have at home

This is one of the most valuable moving tips. Our experience helps us to warn you of this fact, and it is that in home visits we always inform you of the number of approximate boxes that will be used. At this point, most customers believe they will use 40 or 50 boxes at most. Finally, they are usually 80 or 90, although it will depend on each specific case.

We propose an experiment that usually gives good effect. Sit in front of your kitchen, living room or room and make an estimated calculation of boxes for that stay. Now open all the cabinets and drawers, if you make an estimate again you will see how your initial calculation fell short.

Taking advantage of this moment in which we realize the amount of things that we keep in our house, it is not too much to make a selection of all those things that we no longer use, to be able to give them to acquaintances and friends who can use them and also to donate those clothes or toys that we didn’t even remember having. This way you will be doing a good deed and you will save some money, since the move can be done in a somewhat shorter time.

6. Losing rents deposit

Un temor común cuando se va a mudar (especialmente si ha decidido hacerlo con la ayuda únicamente de amigos) es que terminen rompiendo algo del piso y no le devuelvan la fianza del alquiler. Lo peor, es que a pesar de dar por hecho este aspecto, aún no estamos a salvo. Siempre hay más cosas que se rompen, como lámparas, platos o incluso una televisión. Aunque puede contratar a gente profesional para evitar estos daños, también puede hacerlo tomándose la mudanza con mucha calma y dejando descansos para asegurar que movemos los objetos con facilidad y sin fatiga.

7. Do not properly label all boxes

This is essential. Everything that goes from one area of ​​the house to another, must be clearly labeled. If we enter a delicate object inside a box, we must immediately indicate it as FRAGILE, since if we leave it for later we can forget it and it will be transported without taking this data into account. It is important to clearly indicate the destination of each box, but it is also important to mark those boxes that we will need as soon as we arrive at the new house. So, the first night we will not go crazy looking for our pajamas, the dishes or objects that may be necessary.

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