NOTE in relation to COVID-19: Due to the current situation our office staff works from home. Therefore, we kindly ask you to contact us by email or by completing the contact form on this website and our team will reply to you as soon as possible.

Can we do moving services in Barcelona during the state of alarm? During the state of alarm period, only essential moves can be made. First, we consider any service to transfer hospitals or laboratories related to the fight against Covid-19 essential. In addition, it will also be considered essential and we will be allowed to do your office or home move in the event that your office / house rental contract ends the present month. If it were the latter case, it will be essential that you send us a document accrediting this fact in order to prove the urgency of your move to the authorities, and thus be able to request the corresponding Barcelona moving permit.

What means do we put to reduce the risk of contagion during the move? All our operators have reusable gloves and masks, which they will use during the service, as these PPE are considered necessary means. In addition, at the beginning and end of the working day, the vehicle and the equipment they have used are disinfected. All this, while continuing to follow the protocols established by the authorities and by our own Occupational Risk Prevention department.

Moving Company in Barcelona

Control started its activity as a moving company in Barcelona 35 years ago. Today we are a reference in office and home transfers. To get here we have always offered a high level of quality and we have adapted to the needs of each case.Our strategy is simple and consists of generating satisfied customers who rehire our services and who also recommend them to their friends and acquaintances.

All this would not be possible if we did not have a team committed and willing to propose solutions at all times. The extensive training of our staff is one of our strengths that allows us to differentiate ourselves from other moving companies in Barcelona. Our team can take care of all aspects of your transfer and react to unforeseen events effectively.

Integral Solutions

Having the most innovative means and accumulated experience allow us to provide you with a comprehensive solution for your transfer. Consequently, we guarantee a quality moving service. Discover the wide range of services we can offer you and relax knowing that you have contracted your move with a leading company in the sector.

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Our service furniture storage in Barcelona is a perfect solution to store your goods for a specific period of time. They are clean, accessible, secure facilities and have individual containers for privacy. They are clean, accessible, secure facilities and have individual containers for privacy.

Rates are economical and also adaptable to the space you need, as we have containers of various capacities. To ensure on-site safety we have 24 hour video surveillance and alarm cameras.

We invite you to visit us, we will exceed your expectations.

In addition to storage rooms and furniture stores, we also offer specific solutions for companies such as the custody of documentation in heated archive rooms.

Materials for removals

35 years moving new projects,
dreams and illusions

Transfer Laboratory in Barcelona

Special Transfers

The experience gained over the years making moves Barcelona allows us to participate in the most demanding projects.

On the one hand, we carry out transfers of laboratories and hospital moves for the pharmaceutical and hospital industry. On the other hand, we have a team formed specifically for the tr ansportation of artworks and cultural goods.

Few moving companies in Barcelona will be able to offer you better conditions. Trust our advisors and we will propose a tailor-made solution for your transfer.

  • Laboratories
  • Computers
  • Safes
  • Artworks
  • Cultural Property
  • Archives and Libraries

Mudanzas Control is a company with more than 35 years of experience in the field of moving transport in Barcelona. Thus becoming a reference for all those who need to move their belongings from one place to another with the greatest sense of security possible.

We always offer a high level in our service, which has earned us the trust of all those who have needed to bring their furniture and products with the professionalism that characterizes us. And our philosophy as an organization is to achieve the satisfaction of all those who seek our services and that these same recommend us to future customers.

And this has certainly been achieved to the commitment that we have developed over these three decades offering the best moving service in the city of Barcelona and all of Catalonia. In addition to the optimal training of all our staff, who work with passion to provide a quality service, a plus that always sets us apart from the competition.

Thus, the preparation of our team is profound enough to be able to respond to any unforeseen events that may happen with your belongings.

Quality professional moves

This is thanks to the fact that we always have the best and most innovative means to provide the most precise solutions in each of the services we offer, allowing a quality and smooth removal service. It is time to be calm and leave your business or home in good hands.

For furniture storage services we have facilities designed and built specifically for this purpose. Thanks to this, the accesses are prepared to carry out loading and unloading tasks as quickly as possible, being able to park the truck or van in front of the container doors.

In addition, we have containers of different capacities, from 10 to 40 cubic meters. This allows us to offer the fair and necessary space for each situation, ensuring that the client pays only for the space that is needed.

Tailor-made Removals

We have a strong commitment to quality, and as a result we have been able to identify that to achieve full customer satisfaction, it is necessary to carry out a tailored service. For this reason, when we inform about the options available for your move or transfer, we try to obtain as much information as possible so that we can propose specific solutions to each of your concerns.

Providing the best means, as well as the most suitable personnel, is how we achieve your confidence and tranquility. Subsequently, on the day of the move, we complied with everything agreed during the planning phase. This translates into an effective and organized move, which in most cases creates a satisfied new client who recommends our moving services to friends and family. This strategy is what leads us to the next point.

Leading company in the moving sector

Our commitment has always been to be a benchmark in the moving industry, which we have achieved thanks to constant work and the desire to offer a quality service without translating into a high final price. We have the support of a highly motivated work team that makes us differentiate ourselves day by day and continue to establish ourselves as a leading company in the moving sector.

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