Destruction of furniture and documents

Document and furniture destruction

Secure confidential document destruction

We are highly specialized in removals and destruction of documents for large volumes, issuing the corresponding destruction certificate according to Data Protection regulations.

We pack files and documents in recycled boxes or sealed containers, according to each type or case. We preserve the confidentiality of the data during transport. We do the transport with our own trucks and proceed to download and destroy documentation in an authorized recycling center, who issues the corresponding certificate of destruction.

  • Recycling of furniture
  • Corporate Removals
  • Certified Destruction of Computer Equipment
  • File Destruction
  • Premises removal
  • Destruction of Confidential Files
certificate quality move
ISO14001 move certificate
OHSAS18001 move certificate
Moving Offices in Barcelona

Destruction of documents

Moving Agbar group Offices in Barcelona

Experience: During these last years, Control Movers has specialized in the transfer of organizations and companies. As a result of this specialization, our own clients have pushed us to offer the waste management service for furniture, documents and computer equipment, so that this phase, often related to moving, is carried out properly and in accordance with current regulations.

Professionalism: Our staff is composed of highly qualified professionals in the treatment of documentation and devices with confidential data. In addition, having qualified personnel for removals guarantees that during the emptying of offices, companies or houses, there is no signal of damage to the property, something which is quite common in this type of services.

Reliability: We give the same dedication to each of our jobs and understand that carrying out proper waste management has a positive impact on society. Therefore, we help you fulfill your obligation to deposit everything you no longer need in the most appropriate place, being able to issue destruction certificates for files and computer equipment with confidential information. In addition to the trust placed by our clients, we have the most prestigious certificates of quality, environmental impact management and Occupational Risk Prevention (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 standards).

Capacity: We have the human and technical resources to carry out waste transport services according to current regulations. We are authorized to carry out the transport and also to carry out the relative steps as a waste agent, which allows us to comply with the bureaucratic part, so that the transit of your documents is properly documented and can pass the highest levels of demand in environmental matter.

An integral service for the recycling and destruction of furniture and files

Removal of furniture, documentation, computer equipment and fragile goods for recycling or destruction.

Compliance with current regulations regarding waste management.

Emission of destruction certificate for files and computer equipment with confidential information, so that your company complies formally with data protection regulations.

Own fleet of vehicles to ensure safe and confidential transport.

Documentary traceability of the removal of furniture, documentation and equipment for proper compliance with environmental regulations.

Personal advisor assigned to your case.

Roll-tainers for fast transfer of files and embedded material.

Coordination of Business Activities by our Department of Occupational Risk Prevention (O.R.P.).

corporate removals in Barcelona

Removal of furniture for recycling or destruction

CONTROL offers you a complete service of removal and transportation of your old furniture and obsolete material to authorized recycling centers. Within this service we can include the removal of furniture, appliances and also computer equipment, certifying both its destruction and correct recycling.

We are highly competitive, performing a fast and effective service with contained costs. To offer you the best conditions you can contact our advisors, and if it is convenient, we can go to your facilities to check on site the content to be removed.

During the service, we give due compliance to the waste transport regulations, so we will provide you with all the necessary documentation to accredit the correct management of the waste generated by your company.

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Get to know the difference of working with Control Movers by the hand of one of our personal advisors. Thanks to the figure of the personal advisor you will be accompanied from the first moment until the move is finished. First during the information and consultation phase, in order to offer you the best conditions for your move and in case of acceptance of our offer, also during the rest of the process until the transfer is finished. Do not hesitate to request a quote, we will be delighted

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