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Transportation of Machinery

Transfer of Machinery in Barcelona

Within the province of Barcelona we highlight our experience in the transfer of heavy and delicate machinery, being backed by the full satisfaction of all our customers. These services include transfers from companies in the metallurgical and textile sector, as well as the transport of racks and servers, transport of multifunction printers, etc.

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Professionals for the transfer of industrial equipment

Transport of machinery for Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Experience: Since 1988 we have moved dozens of companies of all types and dimensions, finding ourselves in many occasions with the transfer of their productive part: machinery, delicate equipment and laboratories. Therefore, we have the experience and the most appropriate means to deal with this type of transfers.

Profesionalism: Our work team consists of highly qualified professionals which are specifically trained for handling heavy loads. Our work processes are studied and perfected throughout our career, which, together with the most innovative means and proper planning, allow us to carry out an effective and safe transfer.

Reliability: Our main commitment is to achieve customer satisfaction, which we achieve through a personalized study of each case and a customized proposal. In addition to the trust placed by our clients, we have the most prestigious certificates of quality, environmental impact management and Occupational Risk Prevention (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 standards).

Capability: We have the human and technical means to do any type of transfer of machinery, heavy equipment and precision. We guarantee a safe and effective service, adapting to the needs of the client to be able to move from a single machine to complete production centers.

We offer you an effective solution for moving machinery:

Personalized budgets according to your needs and guaranteeing full security in the handling and transport of heavy and delicate equipment.

Personal advisor throughout the process for the coordination of the transfer.

Fixed staff with experience and training in handling heavy loads.

Moving lift platforms and innovative means to facilitate work in all types of buildings.

Application for parking permits when necessary.

Coordination of Business Activities by our Department of Occupational Risk Prevention (O.R.P.)

Laboratory machinery transport
Delicate Machinery and Equipment

Equipment Transportation

We carry out transfers of machinery and production centers in the province of Barcelona with total professionalism and precision. The staff of our company is specifically trained in the protection, handling and transport of heavy equipment, which allows us to offer a quality service.

More than 30 years in the transport and logistics sector allow us to professionally execute any challenge you propose. Where others put problems we put solutions. For any special or delicate transfer service we will assign a technical team that will advise you on the means, cost and duration of the project.

Suitable means for each situation

Our experience in moving machinery and the acquisition of specific means allow us to transport machinery of all kinds, from the most delicate equipment to the heaviest. A large fleet of 18 vehicles of different types and capacities allows us to adapt to all situations.

We are used to handling, loading, transporting and unloading industrial machinery from the metallurgical, textile, hospitality, food, etc. sectors. So we know the peculiarities that require the transport of each type of machinery.

Our consultants will inform you in all the details for the transfer of your machinery, according to the specifications of each equipment and the needs of your company. Prior to the service, an advisor will visit the facilities to verify the person the most appropriate means for moving the machinery.

As a complement to the transfer of machinery we can also manage the transfer of offices and if necessary the emptying and eviction of facilities, issuing the corresponding certificate of destruction of furniture and elements found in the facilities.

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Get to know the difference of working with Control Movers by the hand of one of our personal advisors.

Thanks to the figure of the personal advisor you will be accompanied from the first moment until the move is finished. First during the information and consultation phase, in order to offer you the best conditions for your move and in case of acceptance of our offer, also during the rest of the process until the transfer is finished.

Do not hesitate to request a quote, we will be delighted.

Teléfono: 93 334 01 00

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