Laboratory Transfers

Laboratory Transfers

Transfer Laboratory in Barcelona

Complete Laboratory Transfers

Within the transport sector CONTROL Movers has acquired extensive experience in laboratory transfers. We offer you advice from beginning to end, organizing an initial work plan that adapts to the needs of the client, which includes both the transfer of operational workstations and laboratory equipment.

  • Laboratory Transfers
  • Equipment Packing
  • Reagent Transportation
  • Controlled Temperature
  • Sample Transportation
  • Traceability Guarantee
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Specialized in Laboratory Transfer

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Since 1988 we have sought perfection in everything we do and for more than 15 years we have perfected our processes for laboratory transfers. Thanks to this, today we can offer a complete solution in laboratory transfers, including the transfer of precision equipment and fragile material, as well as the transport of samples at controlled temperature and also the transport of reagents in compliance with current transport regulations of hazardous materials (ADR).

Our staff is composed of highly qualified and trained professionals for the transfer of laboratories, from the consultant who will prepare the initial proposal to the movement personnel in charge of executing the work. Our team is trained, among others, to the handling of heavy loads and the classification and packing of reagents.

Our main commitment is to achieve customer satisfaction, which we achieve through the continuous improvement of our processes. Thus, after more than 30 years of experience, Control Movers is a guarantee of a satisfactory result. Our efficiency in the transfer of laboratories has been recognized by important companies and public organizations. In addition to the trust placed by our clients, we have the most prestigious certificates of quality, environmental impact management and Occupational Risk Prevention (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 standards).

We have the technical means to carry out a laboratory transfer with total guarantees; own vehicles with temperature control, lifting platforms and integral pneumatic suspension, as well as innovative handling and lifting means. All this to guarantee a safe and effective process. Our service proposal includes the indication of available means for the project to achieve a full customer satisfaction.

We handle the entire transfer process:

Custom quotes based on your needs, including planning and schedules.

Personal advisor throughout the process for the coordination of the transfer.

Platforms, temperature containers and innovative means to facilitate work in all types of buildings.

Isothermal containers and effective data loggers at temperatures up to -86º.

Moving lift platforms and innovative means to facilitate work in all types of buildings.

Disassembly, transport and assembly of office and warehouse furniture: tables, cabinets, chairs, shelves, …

Disconnection and connection of computer equipment.

Transport of servers, racks and fragile equipment.

Transfer of archives, libraries and documentary funds.

Laboratory Transfers

Transportation of Equipment, Samples and Reagents

For this job, we have a team which is specialized in packing and handling of research equipment, as well as the necessary means to carry out the transfer of samples and reactive materials.

Our work protocol facilitates the traceability of the process for the transport of samples and reagents, collaborating in the documentation of the transfer and establishing an organizational and contingency plan that allows to comply with the agreed transit times.

In this way, the control of variables that may affect the sample will be guaranteed, with special attention to temperature control. In this sense, we will address the particularities that the client indicates about each product in order to provide the best means that guarantee its stability.

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Get to know your personal advisor

Get to know the difference of working with Control Movers by the hand of one of our personal advisors. Thanks to the figure of the personal advisor you will be accompanied from the first moment until the move is finished. First during the information and consultation phase, in order to offer you the best conditions for your move and in case of acceptance of our offer, also during the rest of the process until the transfer is finished. Do not hesitate to request a quote, we will be delighted.

Teléfono: 93 334 01 00

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