Libraries and Archives Transportation

Relocation of Files and Libraries

File Transfer

The transfer of archives and libraries is a delicate process that must be carried out by professionals with experience in archival processing.

Before initiating the documentation movement, we will hold a meeting with those responsible for the archives, the project advisor and the person in charge of the transfer by our company. Thus, we will understand in detail the needs of the transfer and we will plan in detail the work process.

  • File Transfer
  • Documents Custody
  • Confidential Transport
  • Historical Funds
  • Shelving Assembly
  • File Destruction
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Moving Offices in Barcelona

Transfer of files, files and libraries

Files transfer in Edificio Atalaya

Experience: Since 1988 we have moved dozens of files for companies and public organizations, highlighting the recent transfer of the Property Registries of Barcelona in 2018, with a total of more than 36,000 volumes and guaranteeing the operation of consultation during the transfer. We also have experience in the transfer of historical archives, having carried out during the years 2017 and 2018 the transfer of the Historical Archive of the Diputación de Barcelona.

Professionalism: Our staff is composed of highly qualified professionals for the treatment of documentation, which allows them to perform autonomously following the guidelines established by the client. Our work processes are studied and perfected throughout our trajectory, which, together with the most innovative means and proper planning, allow us to carry out an effective transfer and minimize the inactive time of the consultation service.

Reliability: Our main commitment is to achieve customer satisfaction, which we achieve through the continuous improvement of our processes. Thus, after more than 30 years of experience, Control Movers is a guarantee of a satisfactory result. Our efficiency in the transfer of Archives and Libraries has been recognized by important companies and public organizations. In addition to the trust placed by our clients, we have the most prestigious certificates of quality, environmental impact management and Occupational Risk Prevention (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 standards).

Capability: We have the human and technical resources to carry out a transfer of documents to suit you; own vehicles with temperature control, lifting platform and integral pneumatic suspension, as well as materials and containers of different types to adapt the packaging to the characteristics of each document. We guarantee a fast and effective service, performed with the most appropriate means to each case and previously approved by the client to ensure total satisfaction.

Control presents an integral solution

Specific plan and organization tailored to each service

Staff with long experience in the transfer of documentary funds

Fleet of own vehicles specifically equipped for the preservation of goods

Traceability of the transfer process

Personal advisor assigned to your service

Special containers for the preservation of historical documents.

Roll-tainers for fast transfer of final files and boxed documentation

Coordination of Business Activities by our Department of Occupational Risk Prevention (O.R.P.)

Professional and formed Staff

The staff that will execute the file transfer understands the importance of preserving their files intact. For a better service, the work team will be fixed, so that they know and are familiar with the coding of the fund and the work methodology.

Our team is specifically trained for archival processing and has extensive experience in file transfers and documentation. We highlight among other projects the recent complete transfer of the Historical Archive of the Diputación de Barcelona, ​​carried out during the past year 2018.

Transport and handling

The transport will be carried out in adapted vehicles for the preservation of archives and historical goods: air-conditioned trucks with lifting platform, pneumatic suspension and temperature control.

The handling up to the truck can be done by roll-tainers or embedded in plastic containers, according to the preferences of the client and the characteristics of the documents. We can also provide cardboard boxes of various sizes to find the solution that best suits each format. Before proceeding to the transfer we will study the options available and we will opt for the one that supposes less manipulation for the documents, thus preserving better their integrity during the transport.

Request information without compromise

Get to know the difference of working with Control Movers by the hand of one of our personal advisors.

Thanks to the figure of the personal advisor you will be accompanied from the beginning and until the transfer of the same person who will be in charge of all the steps. First during the information and consultation phase, in order to offer you the best conditions for transferring files, and in case of acceptance of our offer, also during the rest of the process until the transfer is finished.

Do not hesitate to request a quote, we will be delighted.

Teléfono: 93 334 01 00

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