Sculpture transport tribute to Carlos Martinez & Jos Galán

During the month of January 2020 we were responsible for packing and transporting the sculpture created by Jordi Díez.

The work was designed as a tribute to Carlos Martinez (Unibail Rodamco) & Jos Galán (L35 Architects), in recognition of his 25 years projecting Glòries and the new centrality of Barcelona.

Information and details of the work

In the following video created by the author of the sculpture, you can see the creation process and its official presentation in 2018:

Sculpture packing and transfer

A reform planned at the Glòries Shopping Center, where the sculpture was located, has been the reason that forced its transport and temporary custody.

sculpture transport Barcelona Glòries

When they requested our service, the work was already installed in the mall. Our work has consisted in the manufacture of a customized packaging and the transport of the sculpture to a warehouse, where it will remain in custody until the reform is finished.

For this, it has been necessary to create a packaging that protects the artwork during transport and also during the storage period. Stainless steel has a high resistance to corrosion, but we cannot ignore the need to preserve the piece.

In this case, we create a soft packaging to prevent the effects of dust, humidity and temperature. The changes in temperature expand and contract the structure, so it has been necessary to create a support to give greater stability to the internal parts.

Special transport vehicles

Due to the dimensions of the work, 2.70 meters high, the project has been carried out with a large volume truck. This vehicle has a special size chassis. Therefore, it allows the transport of works of art in an upright position for packaging up to 2.80 meters high.

Since the Glòries Shopping Center is a very busy place, the packing and loading tasks have been carried out outside the usual opening hours. In this way possible interference from the public has been avoided and the work of the technicians has been facilitated.

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