Where to donate clothes, toys, books and furniture in Barcelona

This article was prepared with the aim of creating a list of places where you can donate clothes, furniture and toys in Barcelona, given that moving is the best time to clean at home. One of the best pieces of advice we can give to our clients and to all those people who are thinking of moving is precisely to move only those things that they will use in the new home and therefore we recommend getting rid of everything that has become outdated or is not used.

Over time we tend to put away furniture, clothes, toys, and other objects that in the past played an important role in our lives or that we have simply never had the courage to get rid of. The first thing we have to do is realize that memories are in our minds and that because we have hidden objects in our drawers at home we will not stop treasuring them in our memory.

Donate clothes in Barcelona

In the case of clothing, the first option we must exhaust is donation to people in need. We can usually do this through non-profit organizations and social economy companies.

An easy and convenient option is to donate it to the HUMANA Foundation, who are responsible for collecting, conditioning and selling it with investment of the profits in social purposes. In the following link you will find the points where the organization has containers where you can donate clothes in Barcelona and the rest of Spain:

List of Human Used Clothing Collection Points

You can also try the BeneBené app, which we’ll tell you more about in the “Other options” section.

Donate Toys

Donate clothes in Barcelona

When it comes to the delivery of used toys, it is advisable to take into account their condition and nature before deciding on their destination. If they are not in good condition, we must go directly to the nearest green point.

If they are in good condition, we can donate them in different parts of the city. Here is the map prepared by Mammaproof.org that will help you find the closest point to your home:

Link: Toy collection map in Barcelona

Donate Books

If you need to find someone who can give a second life to the books you can no longer take with you, we recommend trying Re-read. They are dedicated to buying and selling second-hand books and it is very likely that you will make some extra money.

They have stores all over Spain, which you can find on their own website. The only negative point is that they may not be interested in all the books, so contact them before taking them in person so as not to carry them unnecessarily to your nearest store.

Donate furniture in Barcelona

Currently, the donation of furniture is somewhat complicated, since most organizations that can absorb these donations are saturated or charge to come and collect the furniture and throw it away, which would not fall within the concept of reuse that we are looking for in this article.

A more or less viable option is to advertise them on the nolotiro.org page where all kinds of objects can be offered as long as it is free of charge. From here, we’ll depend on how lucky we are to find someone interested.

If necessary, our company could also provide the service of destruction of furniture and documentation, but we consider this to be the last option to consider.

Other Options

Benebene is an app to make donations of different kinds to social organizations that are registered on its platform. In this way, they put the donor user in contact with multiple recipients who can give a second life to that object. In short, it’s a kind of Wallapop, but organized to make donations, only.

Here is the link to their website: BeneBene

With this application, we can donate everything from clothes to furniture and toys, as long as they are in good condition.


There is also the last option of storing these things in a furniture storage in Barcelona, thus gaining space in our new home and keeping the objects stored in a safe place.

The key to an efficient move lies in taking only the essentials, instead of moving all the household items and then cleaning them once they arrive at the new home. Making a selection conscientiously and in advance can save us around 10% of the final price of the move.

Remember that a move with fewer things to move and with a clearer organization, will help the service to be carried out in a fast, efficient, and consequently economical way.

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